Mike is truly the gold-standard for anyone interested in transforming their body.  Before I started with Mike I had been unmotivated to workout for a bit, and even though I had worked out extensively in the past in a variety of fashions and with other trainers, I just got bored. Making the decision to train with Mike was the cure.  Mike is friendly, positive, encouraging, and a tough trainer that will help you work out to you full potential.  He shows up READY with new exercises and continues to show me that I am stronger (both physically and mentally) and always pushes me to proves that to myself.  Everything Mike does is geared towards making you a healthier, happier person.  If you begin to fall off of training, like I do sometimes, he's pretty good at nudging you back on to focus.  If you are hesitating sign up for personal training, I urge you to reconsider, after your first session with MIKE he'll have you looking for more! I am pleased to share my experience and highly recommend him.

Phil W, Edgewater, NJ

“I’ve been training with Five Point Zero for 3 years. What I love is that every workout is different. I’ve shown up to my session and seen other clients doing their own customized programs. I don’t know how these guys find so many different ways to motivate and sculpt, but it’s the variety that keeps me coming back for more."

Muna S, Hudson County

Mike is an excellent and experienced trainer. When we first started training back in 2010 he prepared me for the changes I was about to experience mentally, emotionally and physically. This was an important process for me and it is the reason why I am still committed today. I really enjoy his methods and workout combinations; I am stronger and more flexible thanks to Mike. I recommend Mike without reservation.