About us

Jamaican born Mike McCook, Master Trainer at Five Point Zero, knows that personal training goes beyond having years’ of knowledge and experience – which he has!

Mike’s background in the fashion consulting world and beauty industry informs his philosophy towards training and fitness. People feel their best when they look good and are in good health. In addition to years’ of experience, being friendly, inspiring, and approachable are part of the magic formula that make Mike and his team so successful.

People enjoy training at Five Point Zero.

Mike McCook first realized his passion for training by helping a friend who had gained serious weight as a result of depression. After seeing his friend lose 40 pounds and regain his confidence, he realized that his passion was helping people look and feel their best. Mike has a knack for clicking with people, young, middle-aged and beyond, making them feel comfortable and finding what works for them in the gym.

Working closely with a nutritionist to customize a health plan for each member of Five Point Zero, Mike and his training team make sure that members are educated about why they are making suggested lifestyle changes, motivated to make them, and dedicated to reaching their goals.


In 2013 Mike expanded his company to create a powerful team of highly skilled personal trainers utilizing the Five Point Zero method. Each team member is experienced, supportive, and approachable. They are dedicated to helping others look and feel their best.